Cummings Books
417 14th Ave SE 
Dinkytown, MN 55414
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M-Th: 10a-7p
F-Sa: 10a-9p
Su: 12p-7p

-Neighborhood Residential
-Dinkytown Parking Lot

Phone: (612) 331-1424
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Cummings Books - Dinkytown, Minneapolis
Cummings Books, Dinkytown
We have 60,000 select quality used books, four cats, two dog and two birds. 

We Buy Books
We need your books and will pay cash for them. Our book buying procedure is for you to bring us the books. We will evaluate and appraise them and make you an offer for the ones we can use. If you have more books to sell than you can bring to us contact us  and we will come to you. One of the reasons we have been successful over the years is to be fair and honest with our appraisals. A question that is often asked is what kind of books do we buy. The answer is all kinds. We encourage you to bring us your books and if we can use them we will make you an offer. You might be surprised!
Daily Specials
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