Jimmy Johns
404 14th Ave. SE
Dinkytown, MN 55414
Directions | Bus | Taxi

M-Su: 10:30a-3a

-Dinkytown Parking Lot
-Free Parking in neighborhood residential

Phone: (612) 331-8000

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Jimmy Johns - Dinkytown, Minneapolis
Jimmy Johns, Dinkytown
The Jimmy John’s in Dinkytown, Minneapolis just north of the University of Minnesota campus serves-up free smells and prepares sandwiches ‘so fast you’ll freak’ to hungry college students.  Like knights in hipster armor the Jimmy John’s delivery team pedals on their mighty bicycle steeds through the University of Minnesota neighborhoods in rain, sleet, snow, or Armageddon so that you may have your sandwich satisfaction.  Catering is available.
Daily Specials
Monday Daily Specials | Jimmy Johns n/a
Tuesday Daily Special | Jimmy Johns n/a
Wednesday Special | Jimmy Johns n/a
Thursday Special | Jimmy Johns n/a
Friday Special | Jimmy Johns n/a
Saturday Special | Jimmy Johns n/a
Sunday Special | Jimmy Johns n/a