Espresso Royale Coffee
411 14th Ave. SE
Dinkytown, MN 55414
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M-F: 6:30a-12a
Sa-Su: 8a-12a

-Dinkytown Parking Lot
-Free Parking in neighborhood residential if you don't mind walking a few blocks

Phone: (612) 623-8127
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Espresso Royale Coffee Shop - Dinkytown, Minneapolis
Espresso Royalé Coffee, Dinkytown
Espresso Royale coffee shop is located just north of the University of Minnesota Campus in Dinkytown, Minneapolis.  Espresso Royale specializes in creating an energizing atmosphere for college students in which to work, study, or socialize. Serving locally roasted coffees, this independently owned cafe also serves an array of teas, juices, sodas, pastries, soups and sandwiches.

Espresso Royale has been a mainstay of the Dinkytown community for over 20 years bringing students, faculty, businessmen, and bohemians, all together through a shared love of the bean, while serving as a space to commune free from the stresses of the daily grind. Free Wi-Fi is provided.
Daily Specials
Monday Daily Specials | Espresso Royale n/a
Tuesday Daily Special | Espresso Royale n/a
Wednesday Special | Espresso Royale n/a
Thursday Special | Espresso Royale n/a
Friday Special | Espresso Royale n/a
Saturday Special | Espresso Royale n/a
Sunday Special | Espresso Royale n/a